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  1. patuka

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    I plan to SBR my AR. I have an existing Trust on a pistol suppressor. I know I can use the existing Trust and just add the SBR rifle to it. I do have several questions:

    1. I recently moved do I have to form 5320.20 for my suppressor (The form only indicate SBR, MGs and firearms)?

    2. On my trust can I use quicken to make amendment?

    3. Should the amendment be notarized?

    4. When submitting a copy of my old trust should I notarize the Declaration of trust and Ceritfication of trust again? or a xerox copy is good with form 1?
  2. JonM

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    Im no lawyer. You should consult a lawyer that does trust work in your state as all states have different trust laws. But im pretty sure any changes you make have to be notarized.

    Photocopies are good enough for the batfe.

    5320.20 is for temporary travel notification to the atf. I dont know the form you need for a permanent move. But i do know you need to notify the atf of any permanent move of all nfa items including suppressors.

  3. c3shooter

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    And as far as the NFA and BATFE, a suppressor IS a firearm.