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    over the last few years i have been able to make my own AR from various parts to the point im happy with how it looks and operates. up until a few weeks ago i found out that i was in violation by have the shorter barrel. however i am in possession of it. i removed it put the original back on.

    my question is now. how can i get it legalized if im not an ffl and what can i expect other than the standard $200 tax.

    will an ffl register it for me if they didnt build it?

    thank you
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    Buy a complete pistol lower and park that short barrel on it. Or u can build from an AR pistol from stripped lower just like building regular AR. Regardless with pistol or buffer as long as no stock installed!. Bring it to your local metro and register it. Then they will give u a blue card as its a pistol. Thats the quickest and easiest alternative choice for the time being in my opinion.
    Please correct if im wrong.. thats how i did on my 2 AR pistols while waiting for the stamps.

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    Fill out ATF form 1, send it in (with your check for $200) to the BATF and wait about 6 months for the stamp to arrive in the mail with your approved form 1. Until then, remove the barrel and keep it someplace until the paperwork is returned by the BATF. I did a 9 1/2" SBR build last year and that's how long it took my stamp to arrive. I don't know where you live but normally you don't need a FFL holder to do anything for you if you already legally own the gun. Just get the necessary ATF forms, complete the requirements, send in your check and wait for the feds to to their job.

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