SB 47 Bullet Button Ban

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Bigcountry02, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Watch the video! California is run by the liberal sick!

    This was posted on top of gunwire website:

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  2. Sgt_Skrb_25

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    Sen. Yee is an idiot of the highest order! Of course he has to be on the liberal San Fran wagon about tree hugging and peace and let big brother wipe your ass.

  3. Daoust_Nat

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    You can bet he is on Bloomberg's money list!

    California has it tough. The same state that wants to ban bullets with any lead to protect the condors. Ignoring the studies that say that lead from bullets or shot pose no problem to either the condors or any humans that ingest meat taken with lead.

    The Senator just ignored what was said about the bullet button not being a loophole, and implied that an easy magazine switch made the rifle an automatic weapon.

    These people are alive and well in every state.