Say hello to the new Type 03 / QBZ-03

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    and good bye to that peice of **** QBZ-95. Ill start off by saying I HATE BULLPUPS!!! Its too fragile, requires too much maintenance, and worse just too awkward for me. I probably had more problems with the damn weapon then from the local when i was in Kashgar.

    Now due to high amount of complaint the Brass at the top are now replacing the QBZ-95 with the -03. my unit all ready got our replacement weapon so heres i list of the pros and cons

    -lighter compared to 81 series
    -accuracy is nice
    -full auto!! which the 95 series did not have

    -not as rugged as the 81 but a whole lot better the the 95
    -not a 7.62
    -not a fan of folding butt stock i prefer to be able to take the whole thing off if i wanted too.