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  1. AR10

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    Today I passed the instructor pistol class

    Tomorrow, if I can get up at 5am, will be instructor home defense.

    Today was a long one, 7am till after 8pm.

    Next week? Belly dancing! Already have the pink tutu picked out. Lol

    The shooting part was the most unsettling part, because of my old 56 eyeballs (born in 56, and I am 56, who designed that? )

    I managed to pass the range test, but I will not be signing up to teach marksmanship classes anytime soon.

    Got 100 on my bit test and the pistol test.

    I passed my CHP test a couple months ago, and the licence came about a month ago. Was once licenced as a CHP in Iowa.
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    Hello. Congrats! Being an instructor is very rewarding.:cool: You are also a member of the California Highway Patrol in Iowa! Wow! :D:p

  3. TekGreg

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    Congrats, AR! You should be proud of learning something new and improving yourself! The best part is that you can advance home defense through the teaching of others. Keep up the good work! :D
  4. danf_fl

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    (It's a good feeling!)
  5. AR10

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    Why take two classes, when four is better?

    Took Range Safety Officer, and then Chief Range Safety Officer.

    Last saturday was my first time as an RSO on a range, people taking a CHP class. It was very rewarding keeping two new shooters from placing their trigger fingers on the triggers of their new Glocks when they were not shooting.

    I did some fast movements to make sure that were not holstering with there finger in the wrong place, something it looks like some folks are prone to do.

    Five students and five RSOs, so we had everything covered.

    In my CHP class of 25, only one instructor, and he did not have RSO or CRSO credentials.
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