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  1. WannaGator

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    I found a new Maverick 12 gauge for sale at my favorite local gunshops $160.50 with tax.

    It has 1 barrel and a plastic stock it looks like a good start.

    I would like to add a pistol grip,barrel shroud,side saddle,fore grip & pump handle,picatinney rail with Red or Green Dot, a cruiser lenghth barrel and a slug barrel.

    Am I saving $$$ by buying and upgrading a bare bones gun?

    I need someone not so emotionally envolved to be more objective voice.
  2. Jpyle

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    Sounds to me the only original part left after you upgrade will be the receiver and trigger group. Why not just start there and add what you really want? Or find a beat to hell used gun that you can rebuild. Your initial cost will be lower that way.

    Mossberg sells similar models factory new for $300 or so. Check out Buds Online.

  3. Dillinger

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    You're starting with $170 shotgun and going to put probably $300-$400 into it.

    I would shop around used or look for what you really want and see what that price tags at out the door.

    Buying cheap and upgrading rarely works out in your favor in the long run, unless you come across a screaming deal on a good platform gun with a wealth of aftermarket parts (like an 870 for $125).

  4. canebrake

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    Well for one thing the Maverick 88's barrels are compatible with Mossberg 500 model barrels within gauge and capacity.

    The choke tubes are interchangeable with Mossberg Accu-Choke tubes.

    Maverick 88 model barrels are equipped with 3" chambers and handle factory 2¾" and 3" loads.

    That price seams good if it includes tax.

    If you want to buy a PD shotgun and enjoy accessorizing it, the Maverick would be a good (inexpensive) one.

    My personal preference runs to the Ithaca Model 37 Defense Shotgun.

    I'm old school but you knew that. ;)

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  5. WannaGator

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    canebrake yes that price includes tax and it comes with a field & slug