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    Buy Solar Power System, Get Free Gun


    By Ben Popken on June 18, 2010 8:07 AM

    "Buy solar. Get a gun." Perfect for off-the-grid survivalists, Bland Solar and Air Inc has a new deal offering every customer who buys a 3kW+ solar system a free firearm. Best. Cross-promotion. Ever.

    The gun comes in the form of a gift certificate, which, "Depending on eligibility and legal status of customer he or she may use $400 certificate for credit toward gun, rifle, or ammunition or choose $400 rebate."

    Oh to have been a fly on the wall in the pitch meeting that came up with this promotion. They have offices in both Colorado and California, so maybe it was a compromise between the two branches:

    CALIFORNIA: "Let's give our eco-loving customers a cash rebate."
    COLORDO: "Let's give our customers guns."

    Then wham, the two ideas syngerize deliciously like peanut butter and jelly.

    Buy Solar Power System, Get Free Gun - The Consumerist

    See, here’s how I figure it. When the grid collapses and traditional fuel sources have been exhausted – sometime around 2012, say – you’re going to need two things: solar power to keep your domicile running, and a sidearm to stave off the mutant hoards.

    The gun comes in the form of a $US400 gift certificate, good towards the purchase of a gun, rifle or ammunition. I say go for the rifle. You’ll want a little more reach when the bullets run out.

    Buy Solar Power, Get A Free Gun! | Gizmodo Australia

    “At Bland Solar, our focus is on top quality customer service – point blank.”

    Good slogan lol