Savage Stevens 200 Short .223

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    First i would like to start by saying this rifle has a lot of problems, 1 it has a very large ammount of stock wiggle on the barrel, any ammount of pressure change you put on the stock with your shoulder you can watch the barrel shift left or right as the whole stock twist on the barrel. 2 After a about 20 rounds the bolt becomes sticky and hard to unlock. 3 The trigger is canted left (a good bit) And now to the scope which is a center point, over all a good scope but the fact that beyond 10x power the glass gets very fuzzy. with all that being said it still gets the job done and for the price its kinda what you would expect, not bad rifle overall as it will still put rounds on paper at 200 yrds. Also took out my AK 47 but the front sight post tool i bought did not fit it so i couldnt zero it with iron sights. First pic is at 100 yrds no wind, second is 200 yrds no wind same scope adjustments. At 200 yards i was aiming up and right about 1ft square. At 100 yards aim point was center target.

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