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    I have been an avid handgunner for a while now, but am now looking to get a nice all around practical long gun.
    I'm looking for something that can do everything and just be a multi purpose tool for me.
    I have considered lever actions for their rapid reloading and light weight...shotguns for rapid reload capability, diversity with rifled barrel interchangeability, and power...and bolt actions for accuracy.
    Also considered semi auto's such as AR's.

    I attended Jeff Cooper's Gunsite back in the early 90's and remembered him talking and writing about the perfect all round multi purpose long gun design.

    Savage makes this gun (although he did prefer the Krag bolt action design) with the forward pistol scope mount and all.
    Here is the link

    I'm seriously considering this as my first long gun. It looks like it takes a box mag also, so it is possible I could use higher capacity magazines than what it comes with (4 rounds)...unless nobody makes em', in which case I would be stuck with multiple 4 rounder's.
    Anyone know if I can get 10 or 20 round mags for these?

    Is this a good choice, or should I be considering something else?
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    do I need to get with the 21st century and get a semi auto:rolleyes:

    I think first and foremost I wanted something reliable and was a little worried about the semi's for this reason.
    Also, they tend to be a bit on the heavy side.

    A friend of mine is convinced I should get an AR in either a 6.8 SPC or 308. He has a AR-15 with the electronic aimpoint with ghostring underneath.

    I guess I do understand the appeal of rapid follow up shots...

    However, the way I was taught to shoot a rifle is that you shoot once or twice and then move, so as not to allow the enemy to nail down your position.

    The other consideration is, I would be able to buy two long guns (perhaps the scout and then a tactical shotgun) for the price of one AR.

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    For Sniper Varients= Bolt Action Rifles preferably .308 BUT one Semi auto The PTR 91 is accurate as HELL and it's .308

    For a rifle for target shooting and be used as self defense = AK-47, AR-15, or a Kel-Tec SU-16.

    Also if you want a rifle you can move around with easily....I like my's basically 5 pounds unloaded...and you can store mags in the stock...and it's a .223. I'd much rather have that on my person with a tactical shotgun as backup.

    Plus many more.
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    I think the philosophy behind the scout concept is that it is kind of a "do everything" gun.
    It has a mount for a pistol scope for fast sight pickup while running and gunning.
    Yet, it can also be used at longer ranges with it's 308 caliber and bolt action.
    Also, I really dont like the 223. To small for me. 30 cal. or bigger for man sized targets...for me anyways. Besides, thats part of the "do everything" concept. Cannot hunt deer or hog with a 22 caliber here in florida:rolleyes:
    plus, with the box magazine, I would imagine you could get lots of capacity, although it only comes with a 4 banger.

    I can see there probably isnt much interest for this kind of gun.
    I went to my local Gander as they are a dealer for Savage. They looked it up and not only couldnt they get it, but the distributer couldnt get it.

    So, availability might be a problem:p
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    All the things you mentioned, forward mounted scope, detatchable box magazine, bolt action and .308 were all specs layed out by Mr. Cooper for a scout type rifle.

    For a utility type rifle I think you are dead right on your choice of the Savage. I think Steyr makes one as well, but for much bigger $$$. Ruger's Frontier model is available also. It has controlled round feeding and a claw extractor.

    Again, with utility and practical use in mind, any caliber smaller than .308 is pointles in my opinion. I think Mr. Cooper offered that the 7mm-08 would be a viable alternative, but considering availability and reloading options for .308, I would stick with that. The 6.8 isn't turning out to be all it was initially touted to be.

    As far as semi autos, the .308 platformed AR's, FAL's, CETME's and the commercial variants are about the only options. Weight is an issue and any one of them that will shoot well is gonna cost a decent amount of money. If I wanted an all out battle rifle, I would choose An M14 or consider the previously mentioned rifles, but not for a utility type every day gun.

    To solve the ammo issue, maybe pick up a few extra box mags? I realize that 10 rounds is better than 4, but I wouldn't mind making the sacrifice if I had a few more loaded mags readily accessible.

    With the addition of a shotgun as you mentioned, I think you'd be pretty well covered. Sounds like you thought this through pretty well and I would do exactly what you're thinking.

    Lots of info here:
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  6. JiroZero713

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    Ah well. Look into the PTR-91 though...expensive but worth it. That's my next Rifle Purchase if I can't get the ACR.
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    Yes, I remember Cooper talking about it in his books. When I met him and his wife back in 92, I was able to handle his Krag 30-40, which was set up as a "scout".
    I remember how light and maneuverable it was, and..of course, the Krag action was very slick.
    I did shoot an AR-15 recently and they are accurate and reliable (the owner stated it was dead nuts reliable), but they are expensive and heavy and there will always be more moving parts then with a bolt or lever.
    However, I can certainly see the appeal of the semi auto's...

    I will be left with my decision. Appreciate all the help.
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    I own most of the guns listed in this thread:

    ArmaLite M4A3 with a Aimpoint (16" M4 Profile Barrel)
    Bushmaster AR15A3 with a 3-10x44mm Scope (20" Heavy Barrel)
    DS Arms FAL (21" Barrel)
    PTR91, Inc PTR91F (18" Barrel)
    Springfield Armory M1A with a 3-10x44mm Scope (22" Barrel)

    I'm currently saving for a Savage Scout in 308 Winchester to use as a "non-military-looking" general purpose rifle. I'm going to mount a Leupold 2x Scout Scope on it.

    I've owned a Springfield Armory M1A Scout (18" barrel) that I mounted a EoTech on (Scout position). It was FAST, but heavy.

    For a guy starting out in rifles I don't think the Savage Scout is a bad option. However, if you think there is a potential that you're going to want a semi-auto eventually.....consider the political gun-control crowd that just won the election before you buy a bolt action. I think the bolt actions will be available a lot longer than the semi-autos.

    To your question in the OP - no, there isn't a higher capacity magazine available yet but someone has claimed they are going to make a 10 round version:

    However, at $75......I'd just buy two factory 4rd magazines (they are $32 each).

    Another consideration if you decide to buy the Savage Scout.....Savage's "Custom Shop" will mount a third swivel (preferred on a Scout Rifle) and fit one or two mags for a slight up-charge. Its worth considering.

    Last thoughts on the Savage....

    1) DO NOT BUY THE OLDER VERSION WITH THE SIDE MAGAZINE RELEASE. You should hold out for the newer FCM10 with the bottom magazine release.

    2) Be prepared to loktite the Scout mount. They have a tendency to loosen as installed from the factory.

    3) ENJOY!