Savage Rimfire Set Trigger Accutrigger Replacement, Anyone?

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by Joshua M. Smith, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith New Member

    [ame=]YouTube - Set Trigger For Savage MkII, Anybody?[/ame]

    Gunsmith installation required. In other words, CMA! :D


    P.S. Going to be going with a Rifle Basix trigger, but I'm keeping this thing (mismatched molded thing that it is) just because it's fun. J.S.
  2. Txhillbilly

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    Are you having problems with your Accu-Trigger? I have 3 Savage rifles with it,and absolutely love these triggers.While they are not perfect,no trigger setup is,they are a very nice trigger.
    People just think they can adjust them too the lightest setting and the gun will perform better.Not true. You can only go so far,then the gun will become very unsafe and the trigger will go off with the slightest bump to the gun.

    Go talk to a Professional Gunsmith about the workings of a trigger setup,and they will give you a ton of knowledge.
    If you can't shoot good with a 3-4lb trigger,you probably won't do any better with a gun setup with an ounce pull trigger.

  3. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith New Member

    But it's super fun trying out new stuff!

    Yes, I was actually having problems with the Accutrigger. It would slip the sear.

    I got inside and saw a host of problems with the setup. While the centerfire Accutrigger is nothing short of awesome, the rimfire Accutrigger is just an adaptation of an older design and can be problematic.

    Like this, I can have a 4lb hunting trigger, or for long shots/super accurate shots, an 8oz trigger.

    I've got a bunch of people around here who want me to get my gunsmithing license. I'm just not sure the initial outlay and wait would justify local business. I do 1911 pistols, am good with them, and would have to go at least regional with that and the mouse guns folks are buying for carry, in order to turn a profit at reasonable prices. I refuse to to charge the $75 to $150 some outfits (which will remain unmentioned) charge for a trigger job. They take all of an hour or two and are just not that complex. Neither is fitting a safety to the sear.

    Fitting a new barrel would be another deal, but I don't see many folks really wanting something like that.

    But I'm off subject.

    I really like this trigger :D