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Savage Model 7H - Any Owners?

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I bought one last weekend because it is in remarkable condition and unusual. It is a semi-auto that will accept .22 Long, Long Rifle and High Velocity Shorts. The guy I got it from said I could "adjust it out of the stock underneath" to use either LR or Shorts. Well, I don't see any adjustment "places" but the shooter can lock the bolt closed or open.

I need someone who is familiar with the rifle model to explain how it operates. It is having a little trouble cycling even after a cleaning and I think it may be "out of adjustment" or gummed up in a place I haven't found.

Any information will be helpful. Thanks.
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Yes I have one

I bought mine at a pawn shop for my daughter really cheap! I guess most people shy away from this rifle for some reason. I have heard of some bad stories, but I guess I was lucky and got one that worked, for the most part.
The rifle would accept all types of 22 ammo, even a mix of 22 short, long and long rifle all in the tube at once. That came after a real good cleaning and buying a replacement recoil spring off the web, used of course but it was in better shape than the original. It seems the previous owner always kept it cocked without releasing the tension off the spring when not in use.
After I did that the rifle fired all the time. The only glitch I will get is when using just shorts, sometimes when I cycle the first round to fire, after it loaded up the first round into the chamber, I could hear the second round ride up and drop into the stock and would cause a jam. And I had to unscrew the stock to get the round out. It was a pain, but I figured it may be cause by a weak spring in the tube magazine from it being left fully loaded all the time.
With just a little care and replacing the springs (if you can find the parts). You could have a fine shooter there. This one that I bought is very accurate. Good luck and enjoy!
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Parts for most weapons

Here's the link and happy hunting :)
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