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Savage Model 1899

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A friend of mine is trying to help his son buy a pick-up and has a Savage model 1899 he wants to sell and asked me to help him put a price on it. It has been refinished and at some point someone inletted rather crudely mother of pearl diamonds on each side of the butt stock and also some kind of facetted stones on both side of the stock above the trigger and one on top of the buttstock so there is no collectors value here. The stock has about a 4" crack running from the tang down the top of the wrist. According to the serial number it was made in 1909 and is chambered for the WCF 25-35. It has a 26" barrel and the blueing was well done. The rifling looks nice and sharp with no dark spots that I can see. Does anyone have any idea what a fair price for this piece would be? Thanks.



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That is too bad it has been refinished. that is a rare caliber in that rifle. still maybe $400 or so
I'd buy that gun in a heartbeat for $400.00.
I'd buy that gun in a heartbeat for $400.00.
I'm with you. If I had the $$ i'd go higher.
Tell him to give the kid the gun and forget the truck!!! That is a rare caliber in the 99.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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