Savage Model 12 F-Class at the range.

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    I posted about my retirement/birthday gift to myself in the competition forum. Today we went out to the range to see how well my new Savage Model 12 shoots.. At 100 yards, we got 5 head shots on the zombie.. One shot in the picture was a rimfire round shot afterwards by my son (as well as the other holes that you see. I used Win. Supreme: .308 168gr hpbt match bullets. I had also brought along some reloaded 308's that would not chamber..? The Winchester loaded just fine but the reloads: 180gr pp's would not allow me to close the bolt on.. This was not the case with all the reloads, however. My reloads are mixed headstamped brass from Lake City, etc.. It appears the problem is at the base of the cartridge (pictures)... Over all the rifle showed that it can readily outperform me. I am going to enjoy getting myself better familiarized with this new weapon.. By the way, The shots made were hitting where they were being aimed at. :)

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