Savage Model 12 .223

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Gordo323, May 29, 2010.

  1. Gordo323

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    Took the new gun out shooting today! I was shooting sitting cross-legged off a bi-pod at 100 yards uphill, it was kind of windy and blowing my cheap target stand around ( boy can I think of anymore excuses ).
    Took a few shots to get on paper, then I over corrected to the right. I managed to get about 5 in the center. I’ll take it to a real range next time and shoot of a bench, maybe figure out the BDC reticule on the Nikon (not a bad scope for $280 off of Ebay )
    I used Sierra 69 gr. HPBT and 23.0 gr. of X-terminator powder, don’t know if that was the right powder for a bullet that heavy, but they all went bang and I had a good time.
    I think she’s gonna be a shooter!
    Thanks to all for the advice I got on scope rings, mounts, break in, etc., etc..
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  2. Txhillbilly

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    Looks like you had some fun with your new Savage,it will only get better as you shoot it.
    I haven't tried the powder you used. I load most of my 69gr match rds with H335,BL-C2,Varget,Reloader 10X,or Reloader 15. I have really good luck with H335,BL-C2,and Varget.

  3. Gordo323

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    Yeah thanks for the info., I had some Varget but only enough left for about 10 rounds or so and the X-terminator was all I could find at the time I re-loaded. Powder was in short supply for awhile but am starting to see more and more on the shelves. I'll keep experimenting.:)
  4. CA357

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    That looks like it's gonna' do the job.