SAVAGE MARK2 reviews?

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  1. TXHunter247

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    Im looking to buy a savage mark 2 the one that's all black with the threaded barrel and oversized bolt. has anyone shot one or have one that can give any advise?
  2. whiptail

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    I have the savage mk2 fv and love it.its not the short threaded model, I have the all black with bull barrel and accu trigger.they make a great weapon at a good price in my opinion.also did a lot of research before I purchased mine and it was all great reviews .

    Just my 2 cents

  3. Vincine

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    On my good days, BR off a pod & rolled towel, with CCI hyperspeed ammo, my five shot 50 yard groups are the size of a quarter or smaller. With CCI high speed, a half dollar. But only on my good days.
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  4. JTJ

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    If you are asking about the 16" barreled FV-SR, I recently got one. Have not had much chance to take it out but I did take it to the indoor range. Only 25 yards but a dime would cover the groups with no hole showing using some old PMC target ammo I had laying around. I was using a bipod. I have a 3-12X40 AO scope on it right now. It took about 25 rounds before it started tightening up. The barrel needs to get dirty and the action needs to shoot into the stock. The Savage stock is designed for irons and has too much drop for scope use so I had to pad it. It is ridiculous to have a rifle with no irons and not stock it correctly. Boyd's has a couple of nice stocks but they require a steel trigger guard and mag plate. Complain to Savage and they might give you the bottom metal. They did for my wife's MKII FV in 17HM2. I am trying to find some kydex and I will make a cheek riser for it unless I change the stock.
  5. BillM

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    You are talking about the MKII FV-SR.

    I've got one. Just ran a hundred rounds through it today.

    The plastic stock is a little cheesy, fit and finish is about what you would
    expect for a fairly cheap 22. Bolt is a little rough, but it's smoothing up.
    I'm at around 1000 rds total. Comes with a 5 rd mag, but 10's are readily

    Trigger pull with the accu-trigger is pretty nice.
    Accuracy is more than nice. Pretty much one hole at 25 yds, hit a charcoal
    briquette 10 for 10 at 100. That's with CCI sub-sonic. Through my
    Liberty Kodiak TL can. And that's what's a real hoot about the Savage---
    it is crazy quiet suppressed. Working the bolt to load a new round is MUCH
    louder that firing it.
  6. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    How do you expect to do most of your shooting?

    I believe all the Mk II actions are the same and the barrels are basically are too. The stock design may make the biggest difference.

    I’ve the MkII TR. It comes on a Boyd stock. It really is meant for BR or prone position. I’m tall and have a long neck and arms. As straight as the stock is, I still had to cut up a knee pad from the dollar store to add to the comb and to the butt to extend the pull.

    When I shoot standing, my ten round magazines get in the way of my support hand and the butt is way high and out of my shoulder pocket. The five round magazine works much better. If you expect to do most of your shooting standing, you might be better off with one of the regular stocked flavors that have more of an angle in the stock.
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