Savage Mark II Models

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    Does anyone know what class the Savage Mark II models fall under? Are they a target class? What does the name imply? Just curious. I just purchased the FV-SR because of many reasons, for one the style, the barrel, the accu trigger, bolt action, the bolt itself, the great reviews, etc. just wanted to know if the Mark II was in some sort of class specific. Thanks
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    I don't know if they would fit in one class. The Savage Mark II's are produced across a very wide range of options and features.

    I have a GL with wood stock, no accutrigger and small barrel. Then I have a BV with the laminate stock, accutrigger and bull barrel. Both are good shooters but there was a big difference in price and features.

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    haree You may want to desides what matchs are near you to shoot in . Guess your shooting thru your local club>> They can set you straight with class break downs. USBR has a better break down for a newbe with a Plinker class and Sporter class for newbes or new to match shooters.