Savage Mark II FV Scope Mounting ??

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  1. Jerkey

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    I have just purchased a Savage Mark II FV and a BSA PT624X44MD Platinum Target Scope. Can someone give me a recommendation on what mounting rings to get for it. I know the scope has 1 inch tubes but not sure on the height i should be buying. I will be using the rifle for bench rest style shooting.


  2. Triumphman

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    Does this scope have "Side Focus" or Front Bell "Adjustable Focus"? Also if it has Bull Barrel, it could make a difference. For my Simmons 4-12x44 w/SF, it required HIGH rings(Ruger 77/22 with taper barrel, rings came with rifle). For my Weaver V16 4-16x42 w/A/O it took HIGH rings(Weatherby 243 with taper barrel), because it has A/O(adjustable objective). I have a Marlin 17HMR and mounted a BSA Sweet 17, 3-12x40 w/A/O and it too took high rings and clears bull barrel by 1/8". I use Weaver Quad Lok rings and they work very well from WalMart at a reasonable price of $11. So if your scope has front bell Adjustable Objective on top of 44MM lens, you might need to go to "Extra High" rings to clear barrel.

  3. Curlyjoe_99

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    my $.02

    Here is how i decide,

    Set scope on table, measure the distance from the botton of the tube to table. get rings that are at least 1/8" taller than that and you should be good for clearance of most any barrel.