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    I just purchased my first rifle - a Savage Mark II 22LR. I am thinking of getting a scope for it and was told that I will also need to purchase a base and rings in order to mount it.

    Someone had recommended this inexpensive BSA scope. I would appreciate it if you can help me in finding the correct base and rings for it (preferably on the same site). If you have other recommendations for a scope, I am open to it. If I can find an outside range, I'd like to shoot at longer distances. Thanks in advance.
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    What are you going to use your rifle for. Target , hunting or fun . Bit more serious range match shooting. A desent scope like by many is a meuller apv 4-14 power for about 140 at your door bucks .

    You can buy a 8 dollar weaver rail or a ewg 20moa base just remember to red loktite the screws and use weaver rings, redfield or talleys. Cheap is fine. Some scope come with a clamp on rings most all will work fine. One good point of buying from wally world. If your scope goes bad right away ,take it back. Walmart has good selection of scope in store or to order . You could get by for 45 bucks on a simmons or better and the centerpoint works well. Some of us have to much in ours also. I would look to meuller if your going to be shooting from 10 yards to 100 yards or a bit of hunting. I have a 6-24 30mm tacital on mine got at a discount. yes went a little over board.

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    that banner you mention is good for a 22. i have a marlin 22 that mine sits on. dont know about a heavy recoil rifle though. but again for your applacation it should work well.
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