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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Fisherking, Oct 6, 2010.

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    I took my new to me Savage BVSS out on Sunday to the range. I was using Fed Eagels 223 that I had left from a bulk sale . I was preaty impressed. After getting the scope sighted I was able to keep the rounds to 1/2 inch or under. I was preaty happy to say the least. Now it is time to work up a load .
    The only problem I had with the gun was Extraction. It was like the extractor was not getting a good grip on the shell case. I removed the extractor and had a look and it seems that there is not enough meat on the extractor to pull the round . I called Brownells and ordered a new one . I might be able to fix the old one by filling a deeper gripping spot on it.
    Over all I'm very pleased with my new perchase.
    Sorry no pics I have a hard time to up load them from my phone to my computer.

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    How about some pics of ur shooting. Let us see the target if you can post up a photo