Savage, But which one?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by jeramiah, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. jeramiah

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    I was planning on buying Savage's Weather Warrior in 243 cal. untill I read some bad reviews on the stock as in" injection moulded and flexing". Now I am thinking about the American Classic with the walnut stock , nice gun! Maybe if I got the Weather Warrior I could get a decent syn. stock to replace the factory one? If anyone has an opinion I'm open to suggestions.
  2. Bolosniper

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    Buy the cheapest (I believe that's the 16FSS) Weather Warrior model in 243 Win, take the stock off and throw it away and replace it with a stock from Bell & Carlson (Carbelite model) or one of Brownells Savage stocks (4 different styles and my stock preference for this action - 7075-T6 pillars and chassis), and both replacement stocks aren't real pricey (about $200.00).

    That will give you a much stiffer stock than the Ramline stock it comes in, and shoot very well for you.

  3. bambikillerdan

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    Hey i just bought and received a savage 12fv in 308 win its a great rifle besides it being almost 9 pounds but i like it a lot
  4. Catfish

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    I don`t know what you`re going to do with your gun. If it`s for hunting you may be happy with the cheap stock. I have a nephue that bought a 700 with one of those flimisy stocks in .243 that put 7 round into a .590 group at 100 yrds. That was with 5 rounds of 70 gn. loads and 2 rounds of 100 gn. bullets. I`ve never seen a gun shoot a group like that with mixed loads. If it`s for target I would still get the cheap stock and then re stock it.