Savage Axis Models?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Woodys45ACP, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Woodys45ACP

    Woodys45ACP New Member

    So what are people shooting out of their Savage Axis XP models, the 30-06 and 243's?

    What factory loads are giving you good results?
  2. George Tucker

    George Tucker New Member

    I have one in .223, its amazing how well they shoot, for a Rifle in that price range, the trigger is the only thing i had to work over.

  3. purehavoc

    purehavoc New Member

    Same deal here .223 , I havent shot alot of different stuff thru it because I found cheap ammo that shoots well thru it. out of the cheap stuff Remington UMC , Winchester White box and some PMI stuff the Remington UMCs FMJs shoot the tightest 100 yard groups .
    This was a 100 yard group using Remington UMC 55gr. FMJs on 1" squares , I have this zeroed for 200 yards so its a tad high on the target . Not to shabby for cheapo ammo but I had to rework the trigger to get it to this , you could almost cover that group with a dime