Savage Axis .270 input

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Steenkamp, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Steenkamp

    Steenkamp New Member

    Was wondering if any of yall know anything about the Savage Axis .270. Would like some input on this weapon. Personally i think the 270 caliber is an awesome round, but on the fence about this weapon. I would appreciate any input/ experience anybody has about his gun.
  2. BlueTurf

    BlueTurf New Member

    I believe the Savage Axis is a quality rifle for the price and you would get a lot of bang for the buck. :p I have always been a big fan of the .270 so I am biased on that subject. The .270 is a very accurate round in most rifles. Although it does not offer the same level of versatility with bullets as the 30-06 it can be used well for target shooting, varmint shooting and big game hunting. I think the Savage Axis in .270 is a very good choice and I would buy one in an instant if I were looking for a rifle in this price range.

  3. 94browninghunt

    94browninghunt New Member

    Haven't shot the savage .270's but many of my friends have and they all had good comments about it. As per the .270, i like it, but im more of .308 or 338wm guy :), not saying .270 wont get the job done all over the north america :)
  4. huffmanite

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    Have a Axis and a Marlin XL7 and a Marlin XS7. All are accurate rifles for me. Only thing the Axis has over the Marlin is its detachable magazine and you can probably find them for a little lower price. You'd probably prefer both the Marlin trigger and safety over one in Axis. Also, while no big thing, removal of Marlin bolt is easier.