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    I have a savage .223 and .22 shorty both have acutriggers,when the rifle is in a cocked position and the acutrigger is moved to the side,the rifles are
    unabled to be fired,is this normal?
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    Hey Lou, New Zealand wow, welcome to the forum, could you swing by Introductions section of the forum and make an Intro and let the guys welcome ya here to the forum. Thanks. ;)

    The AccuRelease of the Acctrigger is designed to block the sear. Initial trigger pressure by the shooter clears the block and lets the sear function normally. But if the sear is accidentally jarred out of engagement with the trigger, the AccuRelease blocks its movement and prevents the rifle from firing.


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    I recently bought a Savage 22.250 with accutrigger. The gun was previously owned. Presumably the previous owner tried to adjust the trigger improperly which rendered the safety inopperable, The gun fired on safe. Being under waranty and not wanting to viod it by fixing it myself, I took it back to Gander Mtn. and the g'smith told me I adjusted it wrong which voided the gaurantee. I told him that his pre sale safety inspection of the gun failed to find this malfunction. He apologized and assured me he made the necessary adjustments and the trigger is functioning properly. He charged G Mtn $60 for waranty work and sent me on my way satisfied. NO CHARGE
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