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    ok... apparently im going to need someone to explain this to me real slow like because im an idiot i guess. but here it is. i have been under the impression that you DO NOT want the barrel touching any part of the stock except where the bolt attaches to the stock, but now savage has a new thing out called accustock with as far as i can tell clamps down on the barrel all the way down the gun, it seems to me that this is contrary to what has been generally accepted for improving accuracy, maybe im just missreading it but any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
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    From what I can tell the accustock is just a cheap plastic stock with an aluminum bedding block molded into it. Nothing fancy it has been done before and it nothing new they just slapped a new name on it. Savage Arms > AccuStock

    It just touches the action. Not the barrel.

    Some say free floating is going to give you the best accuracy. Some say no. I have seen free floated (accustock) and free floating actions. It all really depends on how well everything is machined and how square every thing is to the axis of the boar.

    6.5 "Mystic" Barrel Block F-Classer

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    Cory, you are correct in your thought as far as the barrel goes, but your understanding of the Accu-Stock is just a bit skewed.

    When a rifle action sits in a stock, there are usually two anchor points ( action screws ) that secure the two together.

    Because a bullet, and the resulting explosion from setting off the round, creates harmonics in the barrel, if the barrel comes into contact with something like the forend of the stock, it can create negative aspects on accuracy.

    What the Accustock is doing, is providing a rigid base for the action to be attached to and it will keep it snug in the stock. This rigid base contact goes to a couple of inches in front of the recoil lug. This is pretty much the same as a glass bedding process.

    The rigid base is not contacting the barrel from where around the recoil lug ( where the internal chamber for the round is drilled out ) forward, so the harmonics are left undisturbed.

    Essentially you are getting a generic fit to the action from Savage that will make it better than just slapping an action in a fiberglass stock and calling it a day.

    Does that help?
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    indeed it does help. thanks for the informative replies, as i suspected i just missunderstood what the accustock is.