Savage 99F Ejection Problem.

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    I bought a Savage 99F in 308 Winchester Caliber new in 1965.
    It has the rotary magazine not the clip.
    I have used this gun maybe 6 times since 1965 it has been a gun safe queen.
    Its lucky its had a 100 rounds out of it.
    The metal, and wood are in mint condition, and I checked the lands and grooves with a bore scope it is perfect, no rust or pits.
    This gun was taken out of the safe every 6 months cleaned and oiled and put back in the gun safe.
    Since I retired I decided to take it to the range one day, instead of taking my bolt or semi auto rifles.
    The first 4 or 5 shots were great.
    After it started to heat up it would not eject the fired brass, I had to put a cleaning rod down the barrel to remove the brass case from the chamber.
    Took it home, gave it another good cleaning and oiling and the same thing happened the next time at the range.
    Any advice on whats wrong with it.
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