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    I purchased a Savage 64 back around 2004, I believe it's an FSS model. The synthetic stock on it is warping downward away from the barrel where your forward hand supports it. When shooting, the rifle is not very accurate....... Probably a 3 inch shot group at 50 yards. I know my ammo plays a part in that, but my 10/22 is way more accurate. I was thinking about replacing the stock on my Savage to see if that will improve the accuracy, does that sound like a logical decision? Also, does anybody know where I can get a good, reasonably priced aftermarket stock?
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    well, i did a quick look and couldnt find any on boyds, or amazon. im sure if you actually spent a few minutes you can find one. i would look for a good synthetic, or a nice wood or laminate myself. im sorry to hear your rifle is not putting out great accuracy. i have a savage 64. its definatly doesnt have the best trigger, but man if i really focus it is a great shooting. keeping inside of an inch at 50 yrds with cheap ammo. but min ereally liks the winchester 36gr HP.. good luck.

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    I have with a Birch stock,accuracy is plenty good enough for Squirrel shooting.Call Savage, see what they can do for you.:) Cliff