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    My local pawn shop had a Savage 64 in the rack this week, and my will power held for two days. Missing magazine, but $125. I did go back, so now I'll have a true knock-about truck gun for plinking or rodents. No rear site, but it has rails for a scope I have in the cabinet, a 3-7x Tasco.
    Any little quirks to look for? Savagemodel64F.jpg
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    PANDEMIC Well-Known Member

    I used to have one for a while. I used it mostly for plinking, never hunted with it. Its a low quality gun IMO, really can't use it for a whole lot of things.

  3. Tyrsgodi

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    Thanks! When I walk into a pawn shop and ask for a hundred dollar gun, I know it won't be a pre 64 Winchester! But a varmint or paper plate could be in trouble! ;-)
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    Less than 2 months ago I bought the Savage 62F. Which is the number for the rifles made in the Stevens plant in Canada. Walked into Walmart and they were $99.00. Took it right then and there. I am impressed with it. Seems well made and very accurate with just the iron sights. Really am enjoying this little plinker and Tree Rat eliminator.
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    I bought a Model 64 about 6 years ago from Dick's for about $170 and thought that was a decent deal.

    Last year I bought a Nikon Prostaff Rimfire 4-12 power scope for it and do ragged holes at my 25 yard pistol range. Came with a bad mag, Savage replaced it no charge and it feeds CCI round or HP Mini Mags faultlessly.

    My friend bought a Marlin bolt-action .22LR and it too is a tack driver.
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