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    My Dad has a new Savage 64 (semi-auto) that has a couple problems that may just be the fact that it is a new gun but may not be so I thought I'd toss them out and see what you all think.
    We bore sighted and used CCI 36gr hollow point at 50 yd to fine tune.
    1st problem is if you load the mag with 10 rnds the 2nd rnd always fails to feed and the bolt damn near bends the bullet out of the case.(This also happened with CCI 40gr round nose.)
    If you only load 9 rnds in the mag there is no issue.
    2nd problem is the trigger,VERY hard to pull,over 8 lbs easy.
    I know its a new rifle but this seems a little bit much to be a break in issue.
    Is there an aftermarket trigger group available?
    Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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    Well you answered your first question already,Only load 9 rds in that magazine. Buy a couple extra magazines for it and see if they work better. As far as the trigger goes,Stalkingbear might have a fix for it,or go to the Savage section of and you might find an answer about getting the trigger pull down a bit.

    I don't know much about the Savage 64,but the Mark II and the Model 93 bolt actions are great shooters especially guns with the Accutrigger.

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    Just take the gun to your local gunsmith for a trigger job. Savage isn't going to lighten the trigger and to the best of my knowledge there are no aftermarket triggers available for it at this time. As of right now a trigger job is your only option of having a better trigger.

    As to the feeding problem it's the magazine causing you grief when you try to load 10 cartridges. Like he said,buy more magazines & try them.
  4. flyingbrickracing

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    Thanks for the suggestions,looks like a trip to the gunsmith.