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    I am thinking about getting a 22HP but am not real happy with the ammo isee available--SO--I've been asking on different sites about using .224 dia bullets inplace of the .227/.228 dia standard bullets
    some folks have said it's ok ,some say not accurate and some say it'll ruin the barrel
    any body got any other opinions?
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    Unless you are an experienced handloader or have a large bank account, I would not get a .22 hi power for a shooter. Using .224 bullets will not give good results unless you happen to find a specimen that has an unusually tight bore. Norma ammo is one of the only makers. They make damn fine ammo, but it is pricey. Casting bullets is about the only practical answer.

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    Sav. 22 Hi Power or it's European designation 5.6x52mmR is available in factory ammo for Norma and S & B Ammunition To Go : 20rds - 22 Savage Hi-Power Sellier&Bellot 70gr Soft Point Ammo [A56503] - $19.95

    The correct bullet dia. is .227 firing a .224 dia. bullet is just going to degrade accuracy,bullets are available at Midway. Find

    Brass can be formed for Win. 25/35 or 30-30 brass using the Foster forming dies,some neck reaming may be necessary if the 30-30 brass is used and the dies aren't cheap,factory brass would be your best bet unless the cartridge brass just become obsolete.
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    Flaflash,If you do buy it,and reload for it I have a box of 70gr Hornady bullets I ordered by mistake a few years ago.
    I'll give'em to ya!