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    I have done some research and I am narrowing my choice for a new coyote and groundhog rifle down to a Savage Model 11 Hunter Series in .243 caliber (synthetic black stock, regular weight barrel, accutriger, accustock, clip magazine). The ballistics look pretty good with the new Federal and Hornady 55 to 57 grain supervelocity (or whatever they name it) ammo. And the bullet size should be about right for yotes and pigs.

    I don't care about the heavier weight of the varmit style barrels and I like a synthetic stock (stable in temperature and humidity changes) so the Savage 11FCNS fits that spec. And in my hunting experience the only time I would get a barrel hot enough to warrant a heavy barrel would be when I am sighting the sucker in and I can control that by waiting between shots. I also like Savage's AccuTrigger.

    However my question is concerning the AccuStock and also the clip vs. the hinged floor plate. Anyone have any experience with the AccuStock? Is the accuracy and repeatability under different ambient conditions better and/or worth the ~ $80 more? As for the clip vs the hinged floor plate; I can see an advantage with the clip, but does it protude further than the hinged floor plate enough to make it bothersome. My Ruger 77RL has the hinged floor plate and it is a slick setup with nothing to catch the bottom of the stock on say when I rest it on a limb or rest. Does the Savage clip fit snuggly and not rattle around?

    By the way, Federals ballistic calculator (download free on their website) is great. Good charts and bullet drop calculation comparisons. Try it. Only bad thing is it works only with their ammo - but it is great if you want to compare different calibers and loads that they offer. Hornady had charts but no graphs (that I can find). From what I could find - Remington doesn't have much other than some charts also. Didn't check Winchester.
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    Hey bud I have a savage 111 30-06 and I love it I have about a half dollar size grouping from about 130 yards. and it does not have the AccuStock or the AccuTrigger, as far as it goes with the mag, when seated correctly will not wiggle around, but when not seated correctly it will fall out after firing, the ammo that I use is the Winchester Silver tip and I take it hog hunting. the scope that I put on it was the Nikon ProStaff 3x9x50 sorry that I am rambling but what I am trying to say is that Savage AccuTrigger is something that I will look into getting but as far as the AccuStock that is up to you but like I said my shoots amazingly and it was accurate out of the box savage is my go to for rifles. I hope that helped.
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    Remington Shoot! Ballistics Software