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    Hey guys, just noticed that there are almost four threads running for this gun right now, and just thought it may be a better idea simply to bring all of the questions to one thread.

    So lately I've really wanted to upgrade my Savage 111. I have recently looked into muzzle breaks, DBM options, and now I would like to find a suitable stock. Are there any 111 long action stocks that you guys have found to work with DBMs?
  2. big_blue79

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    Boyd's does IIRC. Txhillbilly uses some Boyd's stocks on his Savage's.

  3. screach

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    Ahh ok, just looked them up, they seem like a viable option, but I'm looking for more of a "tactical" stock. And I generally steer away from wood furniture as well, but thank you for the sugestion. I will measure the screw spacing quickly to give you guys some more info.

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    I have a Savage 111 in a 243 it will shoot one hole at 100 Yd. It has a thumb hole stock. This is one of my go to gun when target shooting. I have 4 - 243 Savages and a 25.06 & 30.06 in Savages
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    Well not a 111, but a 110. Sierra light F series. It will put that 1 cold bore offhand shot in a 5" target at 400 yards, no problem. It is a simple tool, no need for a new stock, high powered scope, heavy barrel or muzzle devise of any kind. It is a 7MM Remington Mag. It will actually do the 5" at over 500 yards, but I just don't think that is ethical or really hunting. Shooting a piece of paper off a bench and shooting game are very different.