Savage 111 30-06 issue

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by spencer7977, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. spencer7977

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    My father in law recently purchased a new Savage 111 30-06 Trophy Hunter. Out of the first box of 50 I loaded for him only about 10 fired. The reason for the misfires appears to be a weak firing pin strike on the primers. I was using new Winchester large rifle primers and new RL19 powder. After dismantling the bolt I realized that Savage changed their firing pin on their new models. The new pin only has short spring at the rear, while the old model had a spring that encased the firing pin and was adjustable. Has anyone else ran into this issue with Savage's new firing pin? Apparently it's so new that Midway has yet to have replacement parts available for it. I contacted Savage and they want me to ship them the entire rifle, rather than just sending me a replacement firing pin and spring. Thus far I am not impressed with their customer service.
  2. John_Deer

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    Since it is a new rifle I would ask savage for a return label and send it back. With a new rifle it's best to let savage deal with the problem. Especially since it is a new rifle that malfunctioned right out of the box. Plus troubleshooting the problem might not be so easy since you haven't seen a new model Savage bolt that actually works.

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    If you told them you're reloading rather than using factory ammo, you're lucky they're doing anything.
    Did you take the gun apart and clean and oil before use?
    Not questioning your reloading skills but, have you tried other\factory ammo?
  4. Txhillbilly

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    Spencer,Savage will not sell bolt parts to a customer - liability issue's. If the rifle is new,just send it back to them.
    They will fix or replace whatever the rifle needs,they have good customer service.
  5. hiwall

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    Before you do anything else --try factory ammo.
    Right now you only know that it is the gun or it is the ammo. The ammo test is easy.
  6. Apex-Predator

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    Triple check that you are seating the primers all the way, I had a issue a while back due to a poorly designed priming tool that lead to several duds. A primer not seated all the way won't ignite properly because it will slide forward on the strike making for a mixed bag of shells that will and won't work. Have you tried any factory ammo?
    Owned half a dozen Savages and have had no use for their customer service department they have all been flawless (unlike SOME rifles)
    RL19 in a 30-06 :D I love that load too, mix with 150gr Accutips and you have my most accurate 30-06 load.