Savage 110 trigger guard

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    I just rebarreled a savage 110 left hand action from a 308 to a 338 federal. In the process, I seem to have snapped the trigger guard in half. I have looked at Savage, Brownell's, and Midway already. Savage is out off stock and the other two don't seem to carry the trigger guard with the slot cut for the bolt release button. Will the other trigger guard fit if I cut a slot in the front end to accommodate the button? If not, does anybody know where I can find one of those cheap plastic ones that come with savage's current line of left hand 110s? I am in kind off a hurry to get a replacement, as I need one to inlet the new stock and this project is on a time limit for school.
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    I'd check out gunpartscorp like was suggested above. You should be able to get exactly the 1 you need.