Savage 110 .300 win mag question

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    What is the best sniper style stock upgrade for a Savage 110 long action? I like the MacMillan but too expensive. Are the Choate an good? Anyone know of any others? Most I see are short action. rifle has plain factory barrel...should I invest in a heavy barrel or is it not worth the cost. Is there a bolt handle replacement for the factory one? Maybe something larger? One last thing.....What is a good replacement trigger for the accutrigger and should I replace it? Thanks!
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    Yes,McMillan and Manners stocks are expensive,but well worth the cost if you can afford one.
    I have several of the Choate stocks,and they work very well.They are heavier than the above brand stocks,and to some,not as pretty.But they also cost 1/3 the price,and are a solid platform for your action.
    H&S Precision and Bell & Carlson also make stocks that will fit the 110 action,and if you like Laminate wood stocks,Sharp Shooters Supply and Boyds make some nice ones that will work.

    You could use your sporter weight barrel in one of these stocks,but there will be a big gap between the barrel/stock,and you will have to let the rifle cool a longer time between shots to have decent groupings with it.A heavy contour barrel is well worth the cost if accuracy is your goal.

    Savage offers a factory tactical bolt handle,and there are also some aftermarket ones.

    There's nothing wrong with the Accu-trigger,but there are several aftermarket ones available if you want one. I like the SSS Competition trigger,but it's really lite 12oz-2lbs.

    You also need to know what type of magazine you have before you order a stock. A Staggered feed magazine is mounted on the bottom of the action,A Center feed,the magazine box stays in the stock when the barreled/action is removed from the stock.
    You can also order Choate stocks directly from Choate Tool & Machine,and it will come with all the accessories that are extra from their dealers.