Savage 11 VT .308 for comp shooting?

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    Hey Everyone!

    I would like to use this rifle to shoot long range as accurately as I can without spending thousands on it. So this is what I am thinking but I am new to this and need some guidance.

    First, replace the stock with something much more ridged and adjustable.
    - Bell and Carson tactical? (adjustable $500)
    - Choate Tactical? (not adjustable $200)

    Second, better scope. (I temporally installed a UTG 6-24x56)
    - $600 scope? I have no idea here. I have a 10-50x60 Nikko Stirling on my FT Air Rifle that's pretty good for the money. Not sure what and additional $300 will get me as far as clarity etc.

    What other mods? Glass bedding the stock? and ????
  2. Txhillbilly

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    While the Savage Hog Hunter is a great rifle,it probably isn't the best choice for a long range platform. But,that depends on your definition of long range.
    It has a 20" barrel,and you will be hard pressed getting the velocity high enough to push a 308 caliber bullet past 800 yards before it goes subsonic. There are many other calibers that are better suited for shooting long range,and in order to get the most out of any rifle,you really need to handload your ammo for whatever caliber you choose.

    I like the Choate Tactical stocks,and have several of them. You don't need to glass bed these stocks,they have a full aluminum bedding block already.

    Scope- Be prepared to spend some money on good glass if you really want to shoot long range. A decent entry level long range scope will cost you $750 + depending on the features that you want. The Sightron SIII,Weaver Super Slam Tactical,or Vortex Viper PST scopes will start you out real good.
    You'll also need a good 1pc base,I'd suggest getting a 20moa base just to keep your reticle more centered at longer ranges,and a good quality set of scope rings.

    A good lower end long range setup is going to run you around $2k.

  3. thercman

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    Hey! The VT actually has the 24" barrel. Although I have no idea how much that effects the velocity. I have been researching hand loading. I will probably follow the guide over at 6mmBR to get me going in that regard. For now I think the Federal Gold Medal Match ammo will give me reasonable accuracy while I'm purchasing reloading equipment. My biggest issue right now is trying to figure out how the Chaote stock will work the action (110) I have. The current stock is what the magazine locks into, there is no magazine well. What I have been reading thus far is to use a separate mag well and different magazine with the Chaote stock... I am going to purchase the base you suggest. I have been looking at the Sightron SIII. It's a process. :)
  4. John_Deer

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    The scopes you have right now do not have enough elevation adjustment to shoot long distance. You can shoot with Kentucky windage. You can get a fixed power scope for under $600 but it will not be very versatile. It is hard to shoot a 24x scope without a support. Even using a shooting stick (improvised bi/tripod) it will be tough.
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    I shoot out to 1K ( and beyond) routinely with my SPS Tac using 168 SMK's with a 1:12 twist, 20" barrel. Whether the projectile is supersonic or not ...they still ring steel. Probably couldn't do this with a bone stock rifle. Good glass, quality stock or chassis, and of course...good skills are necessary. Even with quality add ons, reading wind, etc. makes 600 to 1K a challenge without a LOT of practice.

    There is a huge difference when you step off a target @ 1K, and if you have to RANGE the target @ 1K. Without a subtended reticle in your optic, whether using hold over or dialing, if you don't know the range, you will miss with your first shot. A duplex hunting reticle is not what you want.

    My best advice is get the best tactical scope and stock you can afford. I would look to Vortex or SS in your price range.

    The nice thing about a Savage is you can re-barrel without a lot of hassle. The bad thing is even bargain aftermarket stuff is not as plentiful as Remington.

    I don't see many Choate stocks at the various matches I attend, but, I see guys having good luck with them on the various forums. The guy's I hang with are snobs when it comes to add on gear, so I'm not surprised the Choate doesn't get much love.

    The rifle: AICS chassis with NXS 5.5 X 22:

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    Nice rifle you have there.... My goal is to get this thing to shoot well on a budget. Max I want to spend on the stock is $500, the scope up to $1000. I don't plan on changing the barrel at this point unless it turns out to be a lemon. I am going into town to get a new base and rings. I ordered a larger bolt handle that should be here tomorrow. I am also going to get a scope maximizer. I know what you mean about the snobery. Here is a shot of my air rifle. ;-)