Savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP or Marlin X7S?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by hayan_in_idaho, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Looking to get a .243 and I am stuck on which gun to get. I think I have narrowed it down to the Savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP, or the Marlin X7S. I can get the Savage 11 for about $490, and I can get the Marlin for $360. Both have adjustable trigger, I just don't know which one is the better? Both come with a scope, the savage has a nikon prostaff, the Marlin has a bushnell. Both scopes are 3x9, but I was told that the nikon was worth a good deal more. Is it enough to make a 130 difference??
  2. Axxe55

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    both are great rifles. but my preference is the Marlin. they just shoulder better for me. IMO, the Marlin is also a better value than the Savage with the amount of features they have.

    personally i would forego the scope. most of them in acombo deal are just okay scopes. you can do much better and still not spend a fortune.

    i have three of the Marlin X7's. a XS7 in 7mm-08, a XL7C in 25-06 and the XS7VH in 308. they are very accurate, well built and a pleasure to shoot. they have adjustable triggers that can go down to about 3 lbs., excellent recoil pads, pillar bedded stocks and are decently priced.

    i have owned a few Savages over the years and still have one left, but i truly like the Marlins better. if you choose the Savage, you will still end up with a very good rifle that's very accurate and well made. good luck.