Savage 10FCP-K in XLR Chassis

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    Earlier this year I bought an XLR chassis for my Savage 10 that I was building to use in a local sporting rifle match but a job transfer has changed that a bit.

    Before my move I was able to get to my home range and get it sighted. I have been meaning to put up a report for some time but I'm still getting settled from my cross-country move. In the mean time I got to the new range to see what differences I might find ... blah blah blah ... on to my report.

    Ammo- .308 Federal Gold Medal Match 168 Sierra BTHP
    Temp- 71 deg (humidity 10%)
    Range Elevation - 5580' (Density altitude 8114')
    Wind - Steady 5 mph right to left
    100 yard target - zeroing/5 shot groups, off bench with bipod

    I put up two targets side by side. The left target center was my initial attempt to zero (1st round was the high right). The upper left was my first 5 shot group (disregard the damage on the bottom 1/2, it is shrapnel from an adjacent shooter).
    The target on the right shows two more 5 shot groups. I am less than satisfied with these group but knew it was due to poor performance on my part more than the rifle.

    Left target- upper left

    Right target -center

    Right target -upper left

    I found a range here in GA with a 200 yard max, here are the results of that day
    Ammo - .308 Federal Gold Medal Match 168 Sierra BTHP
    Temp- 80 deg (humidity 73%)
    Range Elevation - 990' (Density altitude 2803')
    Wind - light and variable, 3-5 mph (no factor due to trees)
    200 yard target - 5 shot groups, prone with bipod

    It was a bit busy and I needed to get time on several rifles. So I set up my .223 at 100 yds and then jumped to the .308 at 200 yds .. still zero'd at 100 so I did a quick come up based on old data (too much). Center group was first and I f'd up when I rolled out too much elevation before I shot upper right :rolleyes:.

    Shown with a quarter for scale

    with measurements

    I was very pleased with the results at 200 :D . A bit better job on my part and those groups will shrink (and I need to think before I twist the dials :p )
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    Pretty accurate iron you have there.

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    Good looking rifle!

    And typical Savage accuracy-Dead On!!
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    Nice rifle im becoming something of a savage fan myself