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    so heres a question. savage makes a model 10 fcp. comes with heavy fluted bull barrel threaded, 10 rounds detachable mag, accu-stock accu-trigger. desert digi pattern on stock.

    they make a cheaper version for dicks sporting goods only.. it has an internal mag, no threaded barrel.

    so i guess theres 2 questions really.

    1: can a muzzle brake be added to the regular threaded barrel, even though the description says threaded for suppressor?

    2: should I just buy it from dicks or fork up extra cash and buy it off gun broker or have the lgs order it.. about 3 -4 hundred dollar difference.

    heres the pics.

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  2. JonM

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    Yes any 308 flash hider/brake/compensator for ar10 types will work on this rifle. The difference between the two is just the detachable magazine style. One is 4 or 5 the other 10.

    I believe you can get the threaded barrel and the smaller mag but I'm not 100%.

    My wife has a model 10 fcp-sr model with a surefire brake. HIGHLY recomend the surefire brake on this gun. The barrel is long enough that your not getting pounded with the brake's back-blast. Its a great addition and really eliminates recoil so you end up with a lightweight 308 that kicks like a 223

    I wouldn't buy a piece of gum from dick's...

  3. Mercator

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    You can. Consider the real benefits vs the amplified blast. It will be deafening loud and directed more toward the shooter.
  4. JonM

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    with the surefire brake and the barrel length it puts the shooter in a cone in the lee of the blastwave.
  5. natman

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    Barrel length? The barrel is 22" long, wihich is about 49 yards too short to make a muzzle brake tolerable.

    I can't imagine that the recoil from a heavy barrel 308 is so punishing that it requires a muzzle brake. The 10 FCP McMillan weighs a whopping 10 lbs!
  6. JonM

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    With optic nightforce nxs 3.5-15 f1 full mag its lighter than a 16" remington 700 xcr compact tactical empty with no optic....

    I put together a savage 10 fcp-sr for the wife. Sit behind it with the surefire brake and its almost pleasent without hearing protection. Sit one body width left or right and your fillings are popping out along with your eyeballs.

    I've got the same brake on my bcm carbine 16" 556 and its bone shattering in concussion. That extra barrel length makes a huge difference.

    Muzzle brakes don't jet the blast 180 degrees rearward its more like pie with a wedge cut out and how far the shooter is from the brake how the brake is designed determines whether your in the blast zone or not.

    Not all brakes are the same. Its a huge reason I like the surefires they are a very good design. You want some concussive pain try a scar17 with that shtty pws brake they insist on shipping them with...

    I know what I'm talking about with these devices and firearms.
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