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The heavy price may be true, but when compared to the Rem 700 with a heavy 24" barrel and and adjustable trigger. You pay more for the threaded barrel on the Rem you do not have the option of screwing on a suppressor unless you wish to pay the bucks. The Rem does not come with all of the attaching points. Not a problem to attach the bipod and sling. Put the rails on the Rem and your looking for an additional $350. I have got a 4.5-16X50 scope and still have room on the top rail for an NV Device and with the side rails I have options. So what I'm getting to is that the BAS-K comes with all of the options and allows you to be flexable in any direction you may wish to go. If you add a REM that guarentees 1/2" MOA. $1600 isn't much compared to what you would pay for a 700 with the same options.

Could any one tell me what bullet this weapon was designed for? I have tried a few different rounds but I have found no consistency. There are many rounds out there. I would like to see if any one else has had the same problem and if any one gas found the round this weapon likes the best.
WHAT round performsthe the best for you. I have a few but had a hard time finding consistancy
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