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Any can tell me if in U.S you can find Sarsilmaz firearms?
In Venezuela we can find one time to time, they sell quick because are a good deal, the clerks at the gun store says that are exelent high quality CZ75 clones, just like Tanfoglios (in U.S I think that are called EEA Witness), some are metal frame and others are polymer frame, I saw one the other day made from yellow polymer frame with SS slide and I liked (to shoot at the range not to carry), but I can't test or know someone that actually fired the gun to ask their opinions... any of the forum have shoot any Sarsilmaz?
They are imported into the US from Turkey through Armalite Arms. as the model AR-24. They are indeed a clone of the CZ75 and unlike the real CZ, the AR-24 has a forged slide, frame & barrel. They don't seem, however, to be very big sellers here, or at least, I very seldom see them in shops and I don't know anyone who has one. See link below.


Hope this helps.
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