Sarge loses a gun.

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    Sarge loses a Rifle. (this is a story I told to another forum)

    Well everyone has read about the 50 cal Flintlock that Sarge bought not long ago and how happy he was that it shot right at point of aim and in real tight groups. But as he prepares to pack up his gear and move back to Colorado the guns had to go first. (except his carry gun of course) He lovingly packs the beautiful flintlock and pads it with bubble wrap so nothing happens while bouncing around in a UPS truck. Then every night when he calls Lt. Linda he asks her, "Linda did UPS deliver a long box yet. (natually Sarge doesn't say Rifle or Gun box, she doesn't need to know what is in those long boxes) Well last night Sat, 23/08 Lt. Linda finally says "Yes a long box came yesterday."
    "Oh great honey tell Pfc Trent to put the box down in the vault." Sarge joyfully states.
    "You want Trent to put an empty box in the vault? asks Lt. Linda.
    "HUH?" Sarge questions. "And empty box? What are you saying? EMPTY? THE BOX WAS EMPTY?"
    "Yes the gun was confiscated" states Lt. Linda.
    "CONFISCATED???" WHAT ARE YOU SAYING. The BATF confiscated my flintlock? Why? Did they think it was a single barrel machine gun? Who confiscated my rifle, Did UPS take it, did someone steal it. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" cries Sarge.
    "The gun was confiscated" states Lt. Linda again.
    "BY WHO!!? Shouts Sarge.
    "By me" Lt. Linda says smugly.
    "By you?" asks Sarge.
    "What are you talking about Linda?" questions Sarge.
    "What I am talking about is that you just lost a rifle and it is mine now. That gun was to pretty for you to have" Lt Linda says sweetly.
    "oh" says Sarge.
    "Is it ok if it comes out and plays with me sometimes?" querys Sarge.

    My Lt. Linda, scares the daylights out of me and then makes me love it.
    You just got to keep a woman like that around.

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    If y'all have not already figured it out- you got a keeper there!:)

    How ya been? Long time, no see-

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    Dang, Sarge, no kidding. Where the heck have you been? I love your stories.
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    With the new laws in CO you might be losing a few more. Where are you planning to move?
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    New laws in CO.

    Well they haven't passed them yet and they really shot themselves in the foot by coming on so strong right off the bat. almost all the new proposals are so off the wall that they have even got their own Democrates against them. There has been thousands of gun owners filling the court house and choking the halls that the court house has just about come to a halt for their normal business. Also there is more thousands of gun owners marching around the outside of the Court House with pro gun signs, and not to be outdone the streets around Denver and the courthouse are plugged with cars and pick up trucks all honking their horns non stop. I have the feeling that even if they pass some anti-gun legislation it will be repealed or watered down or just ignored by 99 percent of the gun stores and gun owners. The have already had several BIG manufacturing companies put full page ads in the Denver Post that if they pass these anti-gun laws the company will move their factory out of Colorado and take all their tax money and sales to a nother state. And leave 900 or more of Coloradoians out of work. So how is that for pressure? Even the bar tending Colorado Govenor should wake up to what that means to our economy..
    PS Been very busy with some family problems, (not Lt. Linda and I) but our son and his baby boy and the babies mother, ( a drunk sleep around) We finally got Son to grab the baby and move back to our home. The she sicked the cops on us with a litany of lies and the cops knew me so I invited them in and showed them how we kept our guns locked in vaults and how the house was safe for a little 18 month baby to run around in with out getting into anything dangerous. And Lt. Linda showed the officers my reloading room and our trophy hall, and explained that her husband was shooting on the pistol team and that was why he had so much bullets and powder around.. The officers went out to the Shop and again the Lt. told them how Sarge was a gunsmith and gave the two officers each, one of my calling cards. She also showed them the wall covered with shot targets (very small tight groups)and pointed out her deer rifle group that she shot. The both went away satisfied and I will probably get some business from the Police repairing and upgrading their personal guns.
    Yeah I love that woman. We also took a month long vacation a week or so after our Swat team visit. I will write some stories about our 3000 mile vacation. Naturally we had lots of things happen that normal folks don't have happen Sarge and Lt. Linda and family.
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    SWAT team visit? I've totally missed something. Please, sarge, stick around. Your stories are the greatest.
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    Speaking of cats we gained one when our son moved back in. It is a long tailed tiger stripped orange boy cat. He seems to get along very well with my dog. (Duke the Dog) except he got into trouble with me. I was going to load some 30-06 and had a can of gun powder open on the reloading bench and the little devil jumped up on the bench and knocked the whole can over and off the bench. It took me an hour to clean the cat hair and dirt out of the powder with a tweezer. I lock the door now. Lt. Linda is doing fine and found herself a part time job. I would like to say that she bought me a brand new gun with her first paycheck but she didn't. She traded my Ford Explorer in on a new car for herself. Well she is almost perfect.