Sarge is Santa Claus

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    Sarge is Santa Claus

    For a day that is. Let me first give you some background on this Saga.

    Back in 1997 Sarge was voted in to be a commissioner on his city Historic commission. The commission's first project was a brick farm house built in 1901, that now resides inside the city limits, and was donated to the city as a historic landmark and to be used as a living museum for the public. Now many years later the project is finished and open to the public. One of the most successful of the of the activities is the "Old Fashion Christmas, held every year on the first weekend of December. Sarge is always there anytime the house is open to the public usually taking the guests on tours of the fine old restored home and explaining how it was built and the use of each room. And what the period antiques that the house was funished with, were used for etc.

    Then the day came when our Santa Claus called in sick. Sarge knew something was up when two of the commissioners and the Mayor of our city came in the door. They gave the bad news about Santa and said that unless we could get a substitute the house would have to be closed for the day. Then those three all looked at Sarge.
    "Oh NO you don't, I am too skinny to be a Santa Claus, " complained Sarge. The thought of screaming kids, wet diapers and him having to smile all day long was not Sarge's idea of fun.
    But the Mayor and the three commisioners (all very attractive ladies) surrounded Sarge and purred in his ears how good he would be and that he has kids and knows how to handle them and how terrible it would be if the house had to shut down just before Christmas. And the next thing Sarge knew the three ladies were helping him with the beard, the hat, the wig and strapping the pillow around his midsection, two of them were standing on their tip toes and putting the big white fur trimed coat on him. And Sarge sat on Santa's chair and said ho-ho-ho Phwwww. "Well heck, here goes nothing," thought Sarge. And soon footsteps were heard racing up the stairs and into Santa's workshop burst a little boy and girl. Excited cries of SANTA! SANTA! bucked up Sarges confidence and he let out a BIG HO HO HO HO... And next thing he knew the two muppets were sitting on his knees and telling him what they wanted for Christmas. The cameras of the two parents were flashing and the line of kids began to form in the hall. But not all kids are so happy to see Santa and some little ones were terrified and held on to their parents legs, peeking out at the big guy. After coaching by the parents didn't help, Sarge has an idea. He got off the big 'Throne like' chair and sat cross legged on the floor. (Indian style) and pulled out of his bag some toy trucks that he gave out as gifts to the many kids that visited him. He drove the little truck around on the floor making truck noises and soon the little boy was right there and Santa Sarge drove the little truck up his arm and parked it on his shoulder accompanied by a burst of giggles and laughter by the boy and his sister. Then Sarge Santa asked the boy to whisper into Santa's ear what he wanted for Christmas. And that Santa would keep it a secret. (note, due to explosions and cannons in the Army Sarge has lost most of his hearing so hearing little kids voices is darn near imposible) But the little guy whispered in Santa's ear and Sarge turned to the Dad and said "Your son wants a Ford Convertible" The Dad cracked up laughing. Then Sarge Santa turned back to the boy as if he was listening to something else the tyke was whispering. "And Dad, he says it is OK if you drive it until he is old enough to get his driving license." The crowd roared and the little girl took her turn and whispered in Santa's ear. After she finished the mother stated "I hope she doesn't want a car too." "No said Santa, she wants a pony." More laughter filled the room.Then Mom and Dad ran to get in the picture,, one on each side of Santa and the two kids. The cameras flashed and all wore big happy smiles. As the Dad left with the two kids the Mom whispered in Santa Sarge's ear, ":That was the most wonderful thing you did. Both our kids are adoped and have been abused. This is the first time we have seen them happy and laughing since we got them"
    So the day was long and the kids cried and one baby wet on Sarge Santa's pantleg, but the day went so fast that Sarge Santa was sorry when it finally ended. He was having fun. And he smiled all day.,