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    In our last Saga (# 3) Sarge had decided that Little Linda was wife material. Her being trusting, cute and had the sweetest southern accent. So Sarge and Linda's two daughters went shopping and picked out a wedding ring set. Now it just remained to pick the proper time to pop the QUESTION. And Sarge being Sarge wouldn't pick just any old day to ask a question as important as that................
    We move to the Thursday night PWP meeting.
    This is the layout.
    The PWP Club meeting is in the banquet room of an local night club. A large room that will sit over one hundred people. And tonight there is a record crowd of about 125 members.
    We find Sarge up on the stage making announcements. At the front table sits Little Linda. Ray the horrible zooms in and sits at Linda's table. After the mistake in Saga # 3, Ray considers himself engaged to Little Linda. Linda moves around the table to the far side away from Ray the drooler. The other women in the club look at Little Linda in astonishment. "Why would she let someone like Ray sit with her?" Their looks of contempt flood the room. Poor Little Linda struggles to maintain her brave front, but tears ooze from her blue eyes. She looks to Sarge up on the stage but he just drones on about another announcement after another.. "Won't anyone rescue her" she silently cries.
    Then Sarge stops," I have one more announcment but I will need some help with it,"
    "Linda would you come up here and help me? Little Linda gives Sarge a look that says "Now what are you getting me into?"
    But she reluctantly moves up on the stage and stands next to Sarge.
    "Now" says Sarge "Before I make this announcement I will have to ask Linda a question"
    And with that Sarge turns to LInda and says, "Linda will you marry me?"
    The audience strains to hear her reply. Sarge pushes the microphone closer to Linda's beautiful lips and whispers, " Say it louder" Little Linda looks at Sarge, then looks down at Ray, drooling. That decides her and she burst out with Yes! Yes!, Yes!.
    The crowd leaps to their feet and 125 voices cheer and clap. Sarge reaches into his pocket and pulls out the ring box and slips the engagement ring that he and the girls picked out, on Little Linda's finger. They return to Linda's table where Sarge tells Ray to take a hike and he slinks off.
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    Great story sarge. And it sounds like congratulations are in order as well. So, [​IMG]

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    Congratulations Sarge!

    Well played! You have a way of really making the moment too...I bet she didn't see that coming :D
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    You are "the man", Sarge.
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    may many blessings be yours
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    Very good

    Sir; I see it as a ''dirty'' awful hahahha' poor woman lolol

    Sir; that was ugly; haha; :)
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    Saga 5 The wedding plans

    The next one is coming. In this one Sarge is confused, befuddled, and unbelieving at what Little Linda tells him.