Sarge an the dead animals

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    Sarge and the dead animals.

    If you have read any of Sarge's Saga's you know he is a Hunter Safety Instructor. Now how much trouble can even Sarge get into being a Hunter Safety Instructor.
    Silly Question.
    Here is Sarge driving down the highway from Loveland, CO. headed home to Denver. In his ' White Elephant ' (1974 Ford Van painted naturally WHITE.) He is tired and just keeping up with the traffic, running through his mind is his next class this weekend. And the flashing red lights come on behind him. He looks down at his speedometer and it is an easy 10 miles under the speed limit. So he pulls over and gets out his license, registration (you know the routine) The Officer,a young rooky, comes up to his door and after checking all his ID and car registration he states. "Sir, you do not have a light on your license plate."
    "Again!" Sarge yelps. "That dang thing, I fixed it three times so far. Here, I will show you what the problem is." And he hops out of the van and goes back to the rear doors. Opening them he points down at the bottom of the door. Sure enough there is the loose wire hanging down, unconnected. What happens is when I load up the truck sometimes something catches on the wire and pops it off. Put it back on and you have lights again. As he demonstrates and the lights come on.
    But the Officer isn't looking at the lights or the wire, he is looking at all the things that are in Sarge's truck. In particular the large Tupperware containers with lids down tight.
    "Sir" he asks"What is in those containers?" Now Sarge being an ex-cop himself knows what the Officer is thinking. And that is when the Devil lights on Sarges shoulder again and he proudly states."Dead Animals"
    "Hummm," says the Officer,"May I see them?"
    "No, but if your worried you can look at the 36 guns in front of them." Sarge nonchalantly states. THAT DOES IT! The Officer is grabbing his microphone with one hand and the other hand is on his pistol. In no time at all the highway gets real crowded and considering it is a Interstate Highway there is a lot of stopped vehicles and bright lights from several cities and counties. And just in case the dead animals are real the Colorado District Wildlife Manager shows up. (Game Warden)
    And he knows Sarge. "What is the problem, Officer." asks the DWM and then he see's Sarge. "Oh for crying out loud, Sarge what are you up to now" he states. "Hi, Barry, how is things going tonight." remarks Sarge.
    "I got a call that said that someone had a bunch of dead animals in their truck. I don't suppose that was you?"
    "Yupp," says Sarge, this officer wanted to look in my boxes and I didn't feel I had to let him, just for having the license plate light out. So I told him what was in the boxes so he wouldn't have to look in them." Sarge explained.
    "Can I look in them?" asked DWM Barry. "Sure, go right ahead." replied Sarge.
    And after opening 6 boxes and finding only tanned elk, deer, antelope, coyote, and bear skins and two boxes of Hunter Safety Manuals, DWM Barry gave Sarge a exasperated look. "Why didn't you tell him what was really in there?"
    Putting on an innocent look, Sarge replied, "I did Barry" This newbe rooky needs to learn the laws. He can't search a vehicle just for a broken light. And he totally over acted because I had guns in the car. There is no law in Colorado about having a gun in your car or in my case having 36 guns in my truck. Maybe he should go back to the Academy and take a refresher course.

    I know you may not agree with Sarge's actions but the Constitution of the United States cannot be changed just because a law enforcement officer wants to change it. And our State of Colorado has very refreshingly honest pro-gun laws. All Officers should know them. When Sarge went to the same Police Academy that this officer did, those laws were passed out and refered to many times during the classes. (Colorado Highway Patrol Police Academy.)
    As Sarge pulled out on the highway, he looked back at the Officer and the red embarressed look on his face after calling all the local and Highway Patrol cars in the area, on a error on his part. Sarge decided to take a lot of back roads home from classes for the next 6 months.
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    promising :)

    Sir, subtle and to the point:)

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    Great story... quite entertaining. I have had similer experiences with police and firearms in possesion.
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    Some how rookie cops manage to get through Police Academy without understanding the laws they are suppose to enforce. When they see guns in a car they automatically ask a citizen if those guns are registered. HUH? There are no registration laws in Colorado or 90% of the states.
    I just wish they would arrest me and confiscate all the guns in my truck. Then I would go directly to a lawyer and sue the city and the PD. I could use the money to buy more guns.