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I just put a AK47 style brake on my SAR1, and the bullets are being slightly deflected by it thus being detrimental to my accuracy. Should I open up the bore of the break so that bullets do not get deflected by it?
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Sar-1 Break

Hello all


I've had a lot of Muzzle breaks as well as Flash hiders on my AK's over the years, never had one that was put on "strait" deflect any bullets? I'd recomend Looking stronly on how it's mounted and use a pievce of fishing line down the barrle to see if the break or Flash Hider is strait? If not, remove and re-install? How is it secured screwed on threads or clamp on or a allen screw to hold it? If an allen screw they can loosen up and let the break or flash hider tilt? Might be your problem, No, you do not need nor should you drill it out? Check all the mounting first? Then if all else fail,s see a smith and let him look? Save yourself some flesh and grief?
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