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I just put a AK47 style brake on my SAR1, and the bullets are being slightly deflected by it thus being detrimental to my accuracy. Should I open up the bore of the break so that bullets do not get deflected by it?
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If the brake is not screwed on, you may want to thread the barrel of your SAR-1. ATAK, Inc. rents the threading device for $23 shipped to you and you pay to ship it back to him. If you are interested in renting, you can go to this thread to contact him: The thread will be the authentic 1:14 LH thread.

Several years ago, I threaded the muzzle of my SAR-1 and it’s not that difficult to do. However, if you don't have access to a vise to hold the rifle in a secure vertical position, you will need a friend to help by holding the rifle steady while you do the threading.

If you do thread the barrel, be sure to use a U.S. made muzzle device so that you stay within the 922R regulations.
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