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    Hey everyone,
    As some of you may know, I own ThinkFast Custom Kydex. I am participating in a fundraiser to help the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. I will be making a limited run of 10 of our Minimalist IWB holsters. These holsters will be green to coincide with the Sandy Hook school colors of green and white. The price per holster will be $55 and $50 of each holster will be going to a group on the social media network Instagram by the name of @theigmilitia. They are taking donations from numerous companies and individuals and sending it all to the official Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The remaining $5 will just be to cover material costs. As of this writing, we have received 6 out of 10 commitments from individuals to purchase a holster so there are 4 more up for grabs. I will not take any payment until all 10 are accounted for. If you would like to commit to the purchase of one of these holsters, please email me at [email protected]. I will post a list of available gun models in a reply to this post. To see pictures of some of our holsters and gear, check out our Facebook. I will attach a picture of the type of holster that will be made for this project.

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    Here is a list of available gun models for the holster.

    M&P Shield
    Xd 9/40 full size
    Xd 9/40 subcompact
    Keltec PF9
    Ruger SR9c
    Ruger LCP
    Walther PK380
    Walther PPQ