Sandy Hook: 3 years later Did it happen?

Discussion in 'Firearms in the Media' started by Seargent_York, Dec 14, 2015.

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  1. Seargent_York

    Seargent_York New Member

    Sandy Hook + 3 years now. It's the gun grabber's rallying cry (if the NRA isn't moved by 20 dead children and 6 dead teachers, blah blah blah). There seem to be a lot of 'incongruities' to the investigation, the fact that the school had apparently been abandoned since 2008.

    Interesting link:

    What do you guys think? I don't tend to jump to 'conspiracy' very often, but a LOT of stuff does not add up - and of course this was supposed to be the event that swung the anti-gun pendulum (and didn't).

    I have seen whatever 'crime scene' photos that have been released, and to my amazement...not a drop of blood anywhere in that school. How does that happen? Also, bullet holes in walls that are supposedly from a .223, perfect circles that look like they are at least .30 caliber, piles of ceramic dust on the floor......

    I guess all I can say is: I would not put it past 'them'
  2. targa

    targa Member

    Here's what happened, evil little bastard enters soft target and kills unarmed kids and school staff, liberals use it and the ensuing grief to drive their pathetic political agenda. Don't trivialize something so heinous ie...the death of these people at the hands of that little ***** and the following pathetic political agenda with conspiracy theory garbage. There you have it, thats what I think.

  3. Mercator

    Mercator Well-Known Member

    It was probably surely must have been invented by Bloomberg. I mean why not :crazy:

    Off we go...
  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Gentlemen- this is not a positive story in the news media (see the category label?)

    It IS a Conspiracy thread- and you are not a Supporting Member. If you become one, you are welcome to post- in the Conspiracy section. There are a very few sections that are reserved to Supporting Members- that is one of the few.
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