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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Gestapo Hunter, Sep 8, 2008.

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    So once again im being sent to the 3rd world hell hole of Kashgar. For those of you who dont know Kashgar is the city north west of China which has a strong population of Uyghur tribe men(Islamic worshipers) and Mongolian (Genghis Khan worshiper). Every year this **** happens: a Uyghur tribe gets pissed at us so they either bomb a han chinese own property or just out right kill him and his family. Which the situation ends up with the PLA(which im in ..yeah im chinese) getting sent there to deal with the situation. the only thing that makes the place tolerable is the Mongolian,these people are just so awesome hell they even help us catch these terrorist *******s(by the way mongol chicks are hot and they drink like fishes!)! FYI the Islamic tribe HATE the mongolian simply because of what Genghis Khan did to them thousand of years ago.
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    First off, you're from China? Sweet! Very welcome to our forum. I hope you don't get in any trouble for associating with us. :D

    Is military service mandatory for you there?

    What is the deal this time with your planned trip? You said the Uyghur tribe is out of hand and then you go to help the Mongolians?

    If you are allowed to post some pictures of your trip to the area, I know they would be well received - not too many of us get a chance to travel that far East.

    Best of luck and don't get hurt -


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    And here I complain about the morons I work with at Xerox....

    Sorry to hear about your new assignment, Gestapo Hunter. Stay safe, get the job done, come home, and let us know how it went.

    China is a pretty interesting country with an amazing history. I'm glad you're with us here.

    So...what sort of firearms do you get to use?

    By the way, I have a new respect for the Mongolians. :D