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    Not sure where this belongs but I dont see a better place.

    Im a bit surprised that there dont seem (in our area) to be dealers that want to earn ongoing business. Just bought an M&P 40 and will likely be buying an M&P 22 and Mossberg Tactical Camo semi-automatic rifle. But I dont find anyone who wants to negotiate a good deal. So my response is just go shop them all for the best price on the specifics. Ammo will just follow - I know its in turmoil right now but someday may stabilize.

    I will be looking for a scope, mounts and who knows what else. I need another ammo box now.

    What do you see in your area?
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    Everything's still up for grabs, right now.

    Very few folks at the LGSs want to

    make much of a deal.

    The one bright spot here in Tampa Bay is, on Ulmerton Rd,

    in Pinellas County. This guy

    moves a lot of volume, has some incomparable

    deals,and gives a discount for cash.

    IMHO, most of these guys simply don't feel

    at all motivated to work that great of a deal.

    They're very busy, even in the off season, down

    here(summer). The markup on guns is low, it's

    accessories that make the long green.

  3. DrFootball

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    Here In my area(N. Az) a short drive from Ruger's Az facility, you can NOT find any 10/22's or SR 22 rifles!! The Mossberg 715/718 are 5 deep in Big 5, Wally World is getting Centerfire AR's(Rock Islands & DPMS's) at almost normal prices...
    When I needed a new 22LR, I gave my old 10/22 to my wife and Bought a Mossberg 702(traditional stock but Black synthetic) and "tacticool-ed" it instead (Sling, Optic, Ext. Mags). came out cheaper then outfitting another 10/22....
    When I finally DID get a 10/22 a few months back I got the 22Mag....As for Ammo, when I don't see what I want in a store I head to the internet. I'm just not going to spend $40-$50 a box for handgun ammo....
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